This is not my game. It's an evolution of Greed by the talented Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych.

The game is open source under the MIT/CC0 licenses (for code and assets respectively). Some notes...

  • I made it on a Mac and submitted a pull request for all the fixes needed to do that!
  • It's playable with a gamepad (left stick move, A or blue cross to jump, start to reset), keyboard or touchscreen device
  • It's playable in portrait mode on mobile (I think I'm a sucker for portrait mode)
  • It has small improvements including smoother box movement, splattable slimes, a restart button and a short pause before death or winning
  • Cosmo's graphics are simply amazing 🤩
  • It's actually a neat little game because it combines a platformer with a puzzle
  • I think I might use Ct.js in future because I vibe particularly with the small footprint of its web exports
  • It has pretty much no text essential for understanding gameplay!
  • Several bugs have been squashed in the recent version: a skiing bug, the alien disappearing for a single frame when falling from a walk and crates behind spikes. 🎉🍾🎈

This took me several weekends - proving yet again that computers are never easy.


Source code 3 MB