A cute little game in which you attempt to avoid hurting the birds for as long as possible.

This was a submission for Tri-jam #168 developed in three hours using Ct.js.

The blue bird came courtesy of bevouliin.com with the rest of the visuals coming from Kenny's Tappy Plane.

The music is (fittingly) Holizna's Something In The Air; barrettward provided the iPhone; klankbleed provided the upbeat chime, melokacool provided the end-of-game chime and kyles provided the fish slap.

It was satisfying to make a game in three hours (some bits are allowed to take longer according to the rules) after struggling with a game that was taking a year plus and probably wasn't 3000 times as good.

The game now has mobile support but gamepad support is still pending. 

Eventually I want to add a proper reset and end game screen. Internet scores aren't out of the question if I can get my server working again. I can also hopefully get the timing of the "Great" just right and maybe even hit the player with more birds as the game progresses.

The game needs key focus (usually a click to begin) and you can only survive, you can't win it (yet).


birdmania-src.zip 4 MB

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