Based on a true story (it happened to a friend of a friend of mine), Dude, I lost my pants is a queer interactive fiction card game in which you play Rob: a hero trying to help his friend Jade recover his pants from a big night out.

My first queer piece, it includes implied adult themes but no graphic content. A submission for Yaoi Jam 2022, the game features full gamepad and keyboard support - the latter using the tab and enter keys.

Special thanks to:

Additional content by Michael Bell, j4p4n, brgfx / Freepik, Alucard, Singger, Duisterwho@BenChinapen and @goodnightkev. The game mutes its music after roughly 30 seconds of inactivity.

This version is a prototype. In a final release, I may add a dedicated poker mode, a better poker AI and fix the issue where players are sometimes asked how to proceed in all-in scenarios but other times not given any choice. I'd probably also add executables and make the whole thing bundle-worthy.


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epik. shame i have no clue on how poker works.


i have no idea how to play poker  - but good game :) 


hahaha.. nice and fun - pity it's so short^^

Huh, well, that's certainly an interesting true story to be based on!
I can... sort of consider this a sort of strip poker, I suppose. Though I guess a one-sided, all-in affair.
While the content isn't to my general tastes, I will say the writing seems fine, and the art also looks nice. All in all, not a bad little game.
Is there much else planned for this, or probably about the same, just a 'dedicated' poker mode?

Yeah, I think there's a gap in the poker mode. I find this Texas Hold'em (Microsoft Studios/TikGames) to be much more compelling. I think part of it is nailing the in-poker-game audio, visual transitions, labelling and AI difficulty. I bought the sprites - so will probably use them again but I doubt we'll see this game specifically move beyond poker. Sounds like this might have been a front-page/search/new games find rather than through the Yaoi Game Jam?


I personally stumbled on it by just doing a check of the ol' 'Card Games' tag, and noticing the name.
But I see, I see.