Contract bridge has recently fallen out of favour—which is a shame because, once understood, it is a highly strategic card game.

With two players, bridge is one of the few co-operative card games. Playing on your own, bridge plays with no time pressure and works well in a window.

Free Bridge features:

  • A user-friendly user-first implementation of bridge
  • Moderately challenging single-player play
  • Co-operative network play for two players over
  • Lightweight thin-client versions to get you or your partner up-and-running quickly
  • Full documentation, tutorial and scoring explanations
  • Optional choice of bidding agents

I hope to eventually release an enhanced version with more features. But for the moment this should provide some cheap thrills.


Download (game only) 4 MB
Download (game only) 8 MB
freebridge_0.8.8-1.deb (game only) 3 MB

Install instructions

  • Windows app users please download WebView2 via your web browser (lest itch decides WebView2 is an itch app)
  • Ubuntu's Software Install will not install .deb packages from Firefox's download directory (not ever) - move to your home directory and retry
  • The software checks for a local server on several ports and the help files mention a local game server - regrettably the installer for the local server is not available at this time 😢


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Nice implementation! I have good memories of playing bridge with my grandparents so it was fun to play a bit again. :-)