Funny Games is a crowdsourced popular-culture trivia game made for Mini Jam 78.

Not surprisingly for a game made in 48 hours, the game is still more a prototype and features only 10 questions. But the answers to those questions change rapidly - partially dependent on unmoderated pseudononymous submissions.

Players can submit new false suggestions at the end to trick future players - the bad guy limitation for the Jam.

What worked...

  • I built it in 48 hours
  • It seems to run
  • It features a new twist on trivia
  • It may play on mobile
  • I learnt stuff
  • Sometimes the answers trick me because they change each play-through

What didn't...

  • It turns out if you build a better trivia game, what you have at the end is still a trivia game
  • It's not inclusive because it is really only for English-speaking players - it's not inclusive in other ways too 😔
  • I still fret my reverse Missile Command idea was a better idea
  • Still a massive crunch I associate with all game jams and/or hackathons
  • I still feel guilty about the zings in this (sorry Moby; Michael Haneke I feel would respect my opinion)
  • HTML screen size issues - can you ever get it right?

What you should know...

  • You can moderate posts in the "Results of Evil" page
  • The system tries to limit the player's evilness so the game remains playable and not too offensive (fingers crossed)

What is unknown...

  • How the crowdsourcing bit works out

Credits, LittleRainySeasons (Freesound), Unadamlar (Freesound), Sardin (Bigsoundbank), Tobias Ashlin (text effects), (last-minute SSL certificate to make this work)

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