Shoot the bad guys and claim the goodies in the classic 90s asteroid-shooting arcade game. Reimagined from Andrew Welch's original smash-hit.


  • Full instructions are available in-game
  • Use the arrow keys and the space bar when playing with keyboard
  • Use the left mini-joystick, right/left triggers and A button when playing with gamepad
  • Switch to Xbox mode when playing with Xbox Edge (not necessary if you simply want to use a gamepad)
  • To adjust settings (including to set gameplay to "Easier") click "Settings/Xbox" on the title page


  • Maelstrom tanked in its first game jam and hasn't been well-received - which is strange because it's probably one of the games I played the most during development
  • The pacing has been adjusted from the original and there is now an ending before the start of wave 24 on desktop and wave 20 on mobile
  • Maelstrom's art and animations are under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (unported) licence and are available here
  • More of your questions will be answered in the in-game instructions...

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