Skiing Game is a skiing game and a submission to  Mini Jam 86: Sports. In it you play an alien who has come down to Earth to indulge his dream of being a competitive skier at a range of misspelled ski resorts. It is an ode to one of the greatest skiing games of all-time Ingemar Ragnemalm's Skiing Game for Mac OS.

What worked...

  • Ct.js delivered - yet again!
  • Abandoning the Greed theme. Although it saved oodles of time in The Fall - it just wasn't working for this project and abandoning it partially salvaged the graphics. The skier himself was too difficult to replace and remains an alien.
  • Ketsa's peppy Bless-Ups really adds to the skiing and takes the pressure off. Netalloy's Glacier sort of saves the graphics. Without etchings, I may have given up on development at this point.
  • For an idea that was abandoned to pursue The Fall, the game actually turned out alright.

What didn't...

So much...

  • It turns out you can't just rotate a skier sprite and get a half-decent result...but I didn't know that at the start.
  • The controls proved more difficult than expected and there's only mouse support for this one: so no mobile yet 😞. 
  • For some reason the pole tipping was really hard to nail.
  • The national flags were the last thing added and were very much rushed.

What next?

Before I started with Ct.js, I was working on a card game - so I'd like to complete that. Otherwise I'm thinking of expanding my Traviso work - building something a little larger than First Date Joe.


The credit list for this one is normal size!

StatusIn development
Made withct.js, PixiJS
Average sessionA few minutes

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