The Knight, Mage and King is an isometric puzzle game with role-playing elements built in roughly five days for Weekly Game Jam 199.

What worked...

  • Traviso - the game's engine
  • PixiJS - the engine behind Traviso
  • The clickable "party button bar" down the bottom - previously users just clicked on the screen 
  • Closely following the Game Jam's theme - Monarchy
  • The sound and music - largely only added because of the Game Jam requirements
  • Sappharad's MP3Gain Express - to resolve the volume level issues in the earlier version

What didn't...

  • No typings for Traviso (since completed by Hakan)
  • The first game I made with Traviso - a bad date simulator (since released as First Date Joe) 😢
  • Isometric sprite/tile alignment - it was a nightmare! 🙁
  • Surprisingly few isometric assets that matched with the engine and/or had diagonal orientations

What's new?

The new version:

  • Fixes the extremely loud volume of the first version's music and sounds
  • Fixes the centralize bug that resulted in temporarily hiding speech bubbles
  • Eliminates hovers while the device sings in the Simon Says mini-game

Isn't there free stuff we're entitled to?

Yes! The game is now open source!  🎉

Download the source code from the link below.


Gothic Archways by Lukas Küstenmacher, Desyrel by Apostrophic Labs, LPC generator by sanderfrenken, Traviso by Hakan Karlidag, free music by Chad Crouch,  React Simon Says by Weslley Araujo and free sounds from Benjaminnelan and ashjenx,  Falco276 for the much improved cover image

Liberate Pixel Cup Artists

Charles Sanchez (CharlesGabriel),  Daniel Eddeland (daneeklu),  DarkwallLKE,  David Conway Jr. (JaidynReiman),  ElizaWy,  Evert,  Johannes Sjölund (wulax),  Lanea Zimmerman (Sharm),  Manuel Riecke (MrBeast),  Matthew Krohn (makrohn),  Michael Whitlock (bigbeargames),  Nila122,  Stephen Challener (Redshrike),  Thane Brimhall (pennomi),  Tracy,  Tuomo Untinen (reemax),  bluecarrot16,  gr3yh47,  laetissima, Stephen Challener (Redshrike), Mandi Paugh, William.Thompsonj, Benjamin K. Smith (BenCreating), Sander Frenken (castelonia) and Luke Mehl


Source code 5 MB


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Animations look great, the game feels polished.